Announcement of the Central Association of 20 February 2022

Dear members
Dear colleagues

We are pleased to inform you that at the media conference on February 16, 2022, the Federal Council announced a far-reaching lifting of the measures to contain the Corona virus.
As of February 17, 2022, all measures in music lessons and also at events such as student concerts are lifted.
It is allowed to teach again without a mask and in adult classes also without a certificate.

But the Federal Council also stressed that the pandemic is not over yet, and particularly vulnerable people must continue to be protected from infection and a potentially severe course. Therefore, if the student or teacher wishes or deems it necessary, a mask may continue to be worn and hygiene measures such as ventilation, spacing and frequent hand washing may be maintained.

Please note that cantons may enact stricter measures. You will be informed about this by the sections if this should be the case in your canton.

When the measures are lifted, the need for most support measures will also cease. Therefore, as of February 17, 2022, no loss of earnings compensation can be claimed as a result of a ban on events, restricted employment or cancelled outside care. Until June 30, 2022, individuals who work in the event sector and whose gainful employment is significantly restricted due to measures to combat the Covid 19 epidemic are exempt from this rule. Also exempt until the end of March are individuals who must interrupt their work due to their need for protection.

We wish you all the best on your way back to “normality”!

Best regards
Annette Dannecker and Paola De Luca
Co-Presidents SMPV

Announcement of the Central Association of 20 December 2021

Dear members
Dear colleagues

Although we all wished that the covid pandemic was slowly coming to an end, it continues to dominate our lives and our daily professional lives.

Here are the latest tightenings that have come into effect since December 20, 2021:

  • Only people who are either vaccinated or recovered (2G) are allowed into indoor cultural, sports and recreational venues and indoor events. In addition, a mask must be worn at these venues and if anything is consumed, there is a seating requirement.
  • If the mask cannot be worn, such as at brass band rehearsals, only persons who are both vaccinated or recovered and can also show a negative test result (2G+) are admitted.
  • However, persons whose recovery, second or booster vaccination did not take place more than four months ago are exempt from this testing obligation.
  • The above rules do not apply to persons under 16 years of age.
  • For outdoor events with less than 300 people, there is no certificate requirement (except for dance events), but a protection concept must be developed.
  • For outdoor events with more than 300 people, a certificate obligation applies (3G).
  • A general obligation to wear a mask applies at grammar schools and other secondary schools. For the tertiary level, a certificate obligation (3G) now applies.
  • In education, and thus also in music education, the competence for further measures lies with the cantons. Accordingly, the activities at the music schools as educational institutions – especially for individual lessons – are governed by the cantonal regulations for schools or the rules issued by the cantons for teaching at the music schools.

Your regional association will therefore inform you promptly about the rules in force in your canton.

In spite of everything, we wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you stay healthy all around!

Best regards

Annette Dannecker and Paola De Luca
Co-Presidents SMPV

Announcement of the Central Association of 5 December 2021

On Friday, the Federal Council decided on stricter measures to get a grip on the rising number of cases and to avoid overloading the intensive care units of hospitals.
For example, as of Monday, December 6, 2021, all publicly accessible indoor events, including all indoor cultural activities by lay persons, will be subject to mandatory certification for persons 16 years of age and older. In addition, a mask requirement applies to all indoor areas of publicly accessible facilities including indoor events requiring a certificate. This rule applies to all Advent, student* or choir concerts, as well as choir and orchestra rehearsals, etc.
The exception to the rule that consistent groups of up to 30 people can meet without a certificate has been removed.
A protection concept must be developed that includes measures for hygiene (hand washing and disinfection), ventilation, implementation of the mask requirement, and collection of contact information if a mask cannot be worn during certain activities.
For outdoor events, a certificate obligation now applies from 300 people (the exception here is dance events, where a certificate obligation always applies). Here, too, a protection concept must be developed and implemented.
For catering services during or in breaks of indoor events there is a seating obligation.
The respective cantonal regulations for educational institutions apply to individual and small group instruction.
It should be noted that cantons may enact stricter rules that must be adhered to. The sections will inform you about this in a separate mail.
For all other enacted measures to combat the covid pandemic, please refer to the Federal Council’s media release of December 3, 2021.
We wish you a happy Advent season!
Annette Dannecker and Paola De Luca
Co-Presidents SMPV